Services to Banking Industry

PGJ has received tremendous exposure in the area of Banking by virtue of its being Central Statutory Auditors of large Nationalized and Cooperative Banks. The services offered to Banks include:

  Statutory Audits
 Concurrent and Internal Audit of Branches and Head Office Departments that include Treasury, Credit Monitoring Cell, Risk Management, Fixed Assets, Accounts and Finance Department, NPA Cell etc.

For Cooperative Banks

  Identification of Locations in the cities for opening branches
 Identification of small Banks for merger with large Banks
 Due Diligence of the merging Bank
 Helping the Bank with merger strategy
 Helping the Bank with RBI Compliances during mergers
 Monitoring specific Borrower accounts​

For Nationalized Banks

Helping the Bank with streamlining the Office Accounts department (Inter Branch Reconciliations), streamlining yearly closing of accounts activity of the Bank, recovering large TDS dues from Income Tax Departments.