Management Consulting & Assurance Services

PGJ has a Management Consultancy Division which renders a wide range of services in Management Consulting.Management Audit and Management Assurance is an integral part of this service.The management consulting practice comprises of Partners, Senior Manager, Associates and other qualified and experienced personnel.The services offered include:

Systems and Internal Control Review: A thorough review of existing systems, workflows, procedures and internal controls with the objective of ensuring and enhancing their operating effectiveness.Preparation of Accounts Manual:To act as a guideline on Accounting Policies, Procedures and Systems adopted by a Company, Designing Chart of Accounts etc.

Systems Manual: Drafting of systems design specifying procedures to be followed in the day to day activities in various functional areas such as Sales, Purchase etc. including activity wise documentation to be prepared.

Business Process Re-engineering: Designing a new system based on the findings of the existing system study so as to

  Avoid repetition of work
 Streamline the workflow
 Build a foundation for strong MIS
 Generate information for better disclosures
 Generate reports for close monitoring of weak areas
 Identify the qualification and experience of the staff required to carry on the activity.

Operational Audit: An Operational Audit includes a detailed audit of transactions with the goal of improving business operations, performance, asset utilization and profitability.
Management Audit: Appraisal of key Management functions like defining Goals, adopting correct policies, planning the execution, organizing and control etc.
Organizational Re-Structuring:
  Review of structure, design, job profile and recruitment
 Management Information System: Development and design
 Budgeting and Costing System
 Pre-feasibility studies
 Financial Analysis
 Project Appraisal and Feasibility Studies