Audit and Assurance

PGJ “the Firm”, has developed a method to optimize its efficiency in the area of audit and assurance. PGJ follows a scientific approach to carry out the audit and assurance practice. Latest risk based models are used for focused and value added service to the clients.
In PGJ, a lot of emphasis is given on understanding the clients systems and flow of business transactions. Valuable inputs are given in case of divergence observed from the accepted accounting practice and client entity is guided to present true and fair financial statements. Substance over form is followed while resolving accounting issues.
In PGJ modern audit practices are followed. Audit program is a detailed document that guides the audit process. It is ensured that the directives of the Government and the ICAI in terms of SA and AS are properly followed. Our think tank of senior partners add a lot of value to the entire audit process and the reports. Clients satisfaction in terms of quality of deliverables and maintenance of given timelines is very important in PGJ.
At PGJ we undertake review assignments for those listed clients where quarterly and half yearly review of accounts is mandatory as per listing agreement.

The following is a select list of Sectors and Industries of PGJ’s current Clients

  Courier & Cargo
  Glass Trading
  General Engineering

  Transport Logistics
 Traders in Fertiliser & Chemicals
  Civil construction

  Auto Ancillaries & Electricals
  Consulting Engineers


Due Diligence

The firm performs Due Diligence in respect of entities for takeovers and mergers. PGJ has created a niche in the field of mergers and acquisitions of small Cooperative banks in Maharashtra for our large Cooperative Bank clients The acquiring of a business carries with it a number of risks in areas that include: financial, legal & litigation, markets & products, management & work force, strategic and unrecorded liabilities. Client requirement, goals, concerns are driving force for the dedicated team in PGJ. The firm prepares an action strategy based on the goal to be achieved. An agreed-upon approach would normally be used.